Can anyone help, please? Is it in the screen side part or mother board side? Unplug the video cable from the connector on the back. Thanks a lot for these manuals i need 1 for my FJ, and thanks to your website i am able to fix it! Thanks for this manuals. I have a vaio and under the panel with the speakers and power button there are 2 cables that go the the card reader and one that goes to the power button and speakers from the mother board…anyone know where i can find these cables?

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If you hear Windows sound at boot up, your laptop hardware works properly. Can I ask you for the service manual? How should I identify if the problem is from the video cable vaioo LCD screen itself? Be careful, do not apply to much force because the the bezel is made of thin plastic.

Sony vaio vgn sz750n someone tell me where can I find one. I could hear the booting and barely the screen.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

I pointed these cables with two red arrows. I purchased this laptop last year from India. This description sounds like a problem with the LCD screen. The problem is when I opened it, whats under the bezel looks completely different than your pics.

I can see sz7550n working in the back ground but it is dark. Remove the screen bezel and make sure that cables on both sides of the inverter board are plugged in and secure.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ645

Ghobi, i have a vaio VGN-SZ43GN,i was using it for few years and suddenly few days back my vaoi screen sony vaio vgn sz750n dark…it is working i can see the image but juz that the screen is very dark…what is the problem. Dear cj, I was also fearing that a component on the mother board is fried.

Sony vaio vgn sz750nfantastic job, great selection of manuals, I am looking for 1 in specific, Sony Siny VGN Z11, if anyone can help with this, please send me a link. Take a look at this guide as an example. The laptop currently has 1. MajorCat April 28, When i slapped it little, it starts working… and after few days… it power on but nothing on screen….

Unplug the video cable from the connector on the back.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

Please can someone help me? Test your laptop with an external monitor. I am looking vsio Scemetic diagram of the mother board. The old one had two. Should i be changing the display or simply the video cable sony vaio vgn sz750n is ttached to the lcd display. I even completely restored the laptop with factory settings.

I would like to know what kind of LCD I have to buy. I sony vaio vgn sz750n sony vaio e series laptop working in pvt org. Do you know how I should treat this?

Sony vaio vgn sz750n need help finding a part to buy and replacing the DC jack. Catherine March 27, Hans March 20, I have a Sony Vaio pcgL, also known as a vpcecx. If still no help, most likely you have a faulty motherboard and it has to be replaced. I have a vgn-szp that the dog knocked of the coffee table. Could anyone suggest me what might be wrong with the laptop?

I think this is ridiculous! I posted LCD screen troubleshooting tips here: Recently, backlight on SZ2XP suddenly died, when connected to an external monitor everything works fine and if you look at the screen closely with a lamp, everything is there.

This sounds like a problem with the LCD screen. Make sure the laptop is getting power from the wall. Thanks for help violist. Support January 31, You said external monitor works fully, it means the graphics card works properly.

If I plug other monitor it shows sony vaio vgn sz750n screen there properly. Before you buy sony vaio vgn sz750n new screen, you should check connection between the video cable and LCD screen. In short, try a new inverter first. May all mighty Allah bless u all.

Meghan March 15,