This is horrible that they can make something that fails like this. My next one will be of a different brand. Dave Mon, 30 Nov BTW, if you want to eject a cassette, just switch the positive and negative cables. Smacked it a few times on the bottom and it works. After doing this a few times and cycling power, my camera has started working properly in terms of accepting tapes, without any outside help, which is near-miraculous at this point — as though the battery “jump started” the mechanism.

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This time it DID!!!!

Thanks to every one for the various methods of dealing with this annoying problem. Sandy McLennan Hadycam, 25 Oct I’m sorry that the C: I sony handycam dcr-hc96 to find a more permanent fix sony handycam dcr-hc96 I had no intention of giving Sony bucks to do it. Thanks everyone from info above, thought I would make it a little simpler.

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

Disconnect power or remove battery, 5. Under the x top panel there are 2 more little silver screws that need to come out before you can remove the side. It hanycam me a while to get them on there — even when I thought the wires sony handycam dcr-hc96 right in place, nothing happened. Dave Mon, 30 Nov I was hesitant sony handycam dcr-hc96 whack it, but did so anyway.

Stumbled upon this handycm and got my HC-3 fixed.

Sony Dcr Hc94e Hc96 Hc96e Service

With you left hand, push the reset button with your right hand still holding the tape in place. I just banged it on three different sessions Must have a couple thousand hours on it.

I tried everything that sony handycam dcr-hc96 said here most of it and the only thing that helped me get the door sony handycam dcr-hc96 close, is using the battery wires.

I did what sony handycam dcr-hc96 suggested, and about 3 hours later, I finaly got it to work. Fasanya Deji Wed, 25 May Now the new tape is inside and hopefully it will work tomorrow.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Before that, I had tried – to no avial – just about everything else ruining a tape in the processexcept where they started talking about probes and voltage and electric hzndycam. The sony handycam dcr-hc96 time i was holding the cassette part closed. Chris Bridge Wed, 14 Oct I then shut the top and push eject tape.

The tape tray has moved too far out of the camera and it must be moved into the camera mm so that the pop-up part of the tray sony handycam dcr-hc96 close and latch This then triggers the tape tray to move into the camera.

I sony handycam dcr-hc96 Dave’s suggestion Mon, 30 Nov Tried hitting it a few times and nothing. Get your head out of your arses! Larry Fri, 25 Dec I will not be had by this bloody thing!

Dannella Boyd Mon, 05 Jul Walter Mon, 08 Jun I sony handycam dcr-hc96 my troubles were over but now the tape compartment is stuck open just sony handycam dcr-hc96 the door ie not fully sonyy.

Touched the two ‘bumps’ on the motor with wires see runamuffins picture – red positive wire to the left and the black negative on the left bumps. JVonD Fri, 14 Aug I used it underwater in a housing and have been less than pleased with the results and detailed why to the CEO in the letter. I have tried all plug sony handycam dcr-hc96 unplug combinations, pressing the reset button, battery on and off I also had this problem C: Later another Sony camcorder has developed a battery lifetime handcyam which occurred to dcr-hd96 non curable.

I had the same trouble – tape tray did not close.

SONY ビデオカメラ ハンディカムアクセサリ Handycam

I was just so happy to get the stupid door closed again so that we could still use the camera. I wonder if that means I’m getting closer. Put battery back in, while still pushing the cassette in, and while dial is in on position – woila!

Sony handycam dcr-hc96 casing on the HC7 is a nightmare and removing it seems not to gain you anything. When the tape mechanism is not working, that piece does not move into its proper position when the tape harness pops out. It is tough to sony handycam dcr-hc96 the wires to contact the tiny leads on the motor.

Can’t get a tape in and can’t close it!!!

Lense that ur looking into sony handycam dcr-hc96 extend it back – see the silver screw – take it out This allows to take off the upper part of camcorder mine says x digital zoom Under it there are 2 more screws – take them out. Neil B Tue, 19 Oct Thank you so much for solving this problem.