I plan on putting xp pro on it. Sometimes, after upgrading to a newer operating system such as Windows 10, problems can occur because your current driver may only work with an older version of Windows. Turn it on and nothing not light no screen!! I found a new inverter on ebay and put it in and had no change. My laptop screen flicks when I pull the lit towards me… It only happens in some angles… It also happens when I turn it on after moving it around. You mentioned the motherboard.

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They are replacing them… the motherboard… free of charge… My laptop is out of windoas, but they are still replacing it free of charge.

I have one question, I took my Dell C I replaced the inverter in my Dell Inspiron gateway mt3705 windows xp Any recommendations on where to get that?

What other problem fits these symptoms especially that the backlight turns on briefly when opening the lid?

Gateway Drivers Download

Over this period of time, a second problem began to arise, so sometimes, when I adjusted the screen angle or opened it gateway mt3705 windows xp, the gateway mt3705 windows xp would flicker a few times to black, and then come back on. Is this something that I can repair myself? The problem intensified over time and ultimately, about 2 months ago, the screen went out and stayed completely black.

But it worked OK without any problem. Unfortunately, the only way to test the laptop is xpp another working backlight lamp and see if it works fine. Unplug cables on both sides.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

If you have problem with ATI Catalyst driver 7. External monitor use is fine. In gatweay cases you can turn gateway mt3705 windows xp backlight on if you tap rapidly on the lid close switch. It is in the mail.

Vista will lose all saved System Gateway mt3705 windows xp points every time you boot into another operating system. I turned it off and turned it back on. Apparently there is a faulty element on the LCD controller board and sometimes this element works fine. I only need it to last me a few more months. Hp Cpmpaq laptop On display on lcd but on external monitor display is perfect pls help what could be problem.

Gateway mt3705 windows xp button cuts off power from the inverter board and backlight lamp when the display is closed.

If these parts are not defective, you should be able to get video. It does work with external monitor.

You saved me money and time I didnt have to spare. Luckily dvds seem to play fine through Nero Showtime, so I can live with that, though it’s definitely aggravating.

Gateway Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

I found a Marvell wireless driver on their website but gave me some problems re: I want you that you made me sign up to gateway mt3705 windows xp you. Your information of Screen inventer was a money savings for me. Maybe some kind of gounding issue. I could still see some of what was there, but it was extraordinarily dim. Gateway mt3705 windows xp problem is a little different from all of these, as my screen does not go out completely, but I still have problems with it.

At this point you can only guess what is wrong.

At this moment, I need to reduces the brightness in order to prevent it from blackout, readjusted to the minimum brightness. At first the drivers were an issue, but I also had a fairly new MX that had alot of the same gateway mt3705 windows xp, I found this out by comparing vista drivers for the and the ‘s at gateways site and when the vista drivers matched, I downloaded the Gateway mt3705 windows xp drivers for the and applied them to the ‘s also did a lot of searching on intels site for the correct drivers and also at realtek.

Had I tried this before disassembling the laptops and ordering parts through eBay, I would have saved a lot of time and money. Can this be fixed or do I need to replace the screen. My notebook screen flashes when I first turn it on, but then goes black. When I changed gateway mt3705 windows xp inverter with a new one, the backlight turned off immediately during the boot.

I have two test backlight lamps I removed from old cracked LCD screens. Try tapping on the switch with a pen, make sure it moved freely. Can you ask the seller to replace the inverter board and try it?

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

I reinstalled Vista from the included disc, and it’s gateway mt3705 windows xp a lot faster without all the Gateway stuff clogging it up I have been working on trying to get an xp driver for the topdog n card for months now to no avail. This lamp is located inside the LCD screen and is not easy to replace. Gateway Gatsway Series Driver.

gateway mt3705 windows xp I have an HP Gateway mt3705 windows xp dv Most likely software settings. I mt7305 my GT this way. This post could be helpful: SO just to quickly review, I replaced the backlight, and the inverter, I am at a loss. Originally the screen gateway mt3705 windows xp dim and could see screen with a flashlight so i thought it was the inverter bought a new one off ebay replaced it.

I have had the second inverter for a period of about 6 months, the same problem has occurred. Similar problem to what alot of others have; no backlight. IT gives basic information of a Bat1 Battery and says it is online and charging.

I also found another one the link for the in your previous post Is the wireless antenna just a pair of wires or is there something else at wondows end of the wires. I do see that there are images on the mt375, and have deduced to either the lamp or the inverter needs replacing.